Your building,
your dedicated mechanic

You now have your own mechanic. He knows your building by heart and is dedicated to serve you.

Transparency on your elevator service

After each technical action, the owner's committee member gets real time notification and full transparency on the work being done.

Free pre-visit

This visual audit helps you get a comprehensive sense of your installation. No bad surprises or additional costs following the contract's signature !


For each action on your unit, the mechanics' report will be automatically added to your account in real time. Photos and comments are added for better clarity.

Operations follow-up

For spare part replacement, modernisation of components or call back management, you get notified automatically to clearly understand the progress of your mechanic's action.


Every unit has a different type of technology, of users and track record history. It is necessary to fully understand your situation to provide you with the best price quality ratio possible.

Free pre-visit

The mechanics spends a minimum of 45 minutes per unit for this free diagnostic. Based on his report, our algorithm calculates the right pricing for the right type of unit.

Transparency on costs

We can clearly explain our pricing, no hidden cost.

A fair and adapted offer

Our proposal includes the maintenance contract and potential material cost to be taken into account.

Cost efficient spare parts

We work with elevator spare part suppliers to get the best possible price.

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